Saturday, 3 December 2011

Hi saya kembali merepek

hey there , its been awhile im not entering my blogspot life.well.thousand zillion in tines ive told cha , imnot a blogger , if im trying to be so , tehn im an annoying blogger. Phew.its really mess weeks, so much negative vibes around or , IM THE NEGATIVE VIBE :'( oh man.get in to a fight with my friend,got faught with ma father.AND THE BEST THING IS when college dont understand your situation , with a tons of assignment and along requesting for money for new books. well now im sipping my black tea * OH GOSH I KNOW PEOPLE WILL DRINK THE BLACK TEA AT EARLY MORNING. i just wanna sip okay just shut up.its my stomach.Well i guess , i have to follow the flow , where a river heading to ,and atleast , to heaven , AMIN. i wanted to tell my bloggers about my new creation of ideas.well i find some interesting things to make,i just designed a few simple dress , jumpers, and blazers.well its quite a year soon because gotta find the wangs.but im too excited , i just found out to many things to be on my garments.ofcourse i designed for orang gemuk :D dontch worry! secondly , i wanted to tell the whole year that ive been thru ,because this mont is december the end of year but the new maal hijrah.manu exciting things happen in past year, im happy ,i just called it A YEAR! because its normal. i like normal. hahaha okay broing, nak cerita apa lagi :(