Wednesday, 10 August 2011


hey fella , im so lost in these few months, i dont know what to do with my blog , because im not a blogger, see my blog didnt have any interesting thingy , today, what im going to share with , in my thoughts, random thoughts? im uber zero , but trying to begin a hero with my best , hihihi :P

okay lets start now,

in my thoughts first,
Kardashian girls,

yeay i really like them , theyre rich but they look cool , i love Khloe , because she have that thingy attitude in me :) i kinda suck at saying it makes people's heart broke, im so sorry , but tying to slow dawwwwwwwwwwnnah! hahaah so these girls , are real divas , but they are queen of drama , so much dramas, euw! because hollywood paid them for the drama , you see, what i really dont like about these girls is... how they treat their mom, but soemtimes the momsy are too noisy and.. busybody , and materialistic, AUCH!
they are so begorghot! ya know what i mean? BEGORGHOT, go figure youreself ay? i wanna be like them , i wanna be like them , LIKE THE MUSLIM KARDASHIANS, hahahaah *FACEPALM

so the second thought was,
Birkin ,

I might die while im trying to get this shit. tell me who can get this in one day tell me ? and buy it one for me ,
this is soooooooo cool , just guess how much the price? dont get? dont get?you dont get it?
ITS HERMES YALL , it worth than RM37,000 guys or moreeeee! im so gonna get my saving accounts rise up for this , im soo want this , this aint a dream, THIS IS WHAT I WANT .ONE DAY , ONE DAY,getting myself jinak jinak with mar j first

kay im not in the mood something came up, hate your face

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