Sunday, 4 September 2011

Hey Me Talking And Do Dedicate. IDOLIZE SESSION

Assalamualaikum, hai thee , greetings :) to day i want dedicated to the most powerful man , strongly believing in them , and trust with no guts

first of these man would be :AZRI ZAINUDIN

Hey buds, am talking about you , i never said anything about my senior , seriously not even you , but teday , IAM! hahahahaha (EVEILISTIC)
not doubt people, a person who transform himself from a cute ball to a macho man! , yes , people who may know him , knows what im talking shit about , HAHA. JYeah,

YOU ARE FAT DUMMY BOY WHICH IS GOING TO BE MY IDOLIZE LADY GAGA WANNA BEEEE (nigga accent ). yes , i hope i can be like you , abso like you
i did not know how on earth did you transform from that shape to this shape and , what i was wondering is it by gender , hormon , situation or eating

OKAY OBVIOUSLY ihave an eating disorder or i poop less maybe? urk!

but yes kinda but i dont care , i dont try on pills , but i try work out .yea effective , but got no time, haiyo!

okay second thought is :ASYRAF HAQIMIE

he is my best friend , he was my besties after a complicated things came up , we BROKE UP *kononnya
haha but i still love him , Alhamdulillah we're still friend.

i put hope on you qimie , cause you are the only one boy who are in fashion designer field , that i hope that you create the best artpieace for us , for fat girls , for fat boys , because we need it , we have to wear your pride on us. and PROUD

ive been crying for my self for being fat , i cry a lot , and i regret for loosing money on buying big sizes :'( i cry a lot when it comes to Raya , i cant buy baju kurung that fits me ,

i keep thinking both of you Azri and Qimie , cause you make me stronger , cause youre my idol now , i dont mind, i love being fat , but i want to be skinny , you guysmotivated me , Qimie you gave me so much strength.THANK YOU , Azri you make me realize , how things going to be easy if we are skinny and rajin to work out to get wht we want. THANKYOU AGAIN


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