Sunday, 4 September 2011

MY precious thought to ALLAH SWT

Hai , i carnt sleep , feeling like bursted lamb , i can feel eyes wanna go out of from my skulls, okay today , i suppose do some assignments , but certainly i do not , because im lazy , OH MAN HELP ME , MINDFREAK ME but i aint cris angel.

now time , i wanna share with you what i want to grab when my economy is in good condition

first of all ,i love travelling , i ever go travelling by my own self , and i did lied to my father and mother and they didnt know it. i go by myself. because i need some vacation urm.. NO! LONECATION.hahahaha, laugh at me cause im looser , i know youre looserrrrriest that me , i go on bus and i went to Malacca , check in for the hotel by myself, now i know how to pay money for the hotel :D*

speaking about travelling , everybodys wants travelling , Europe , Asia , America , Russia , Egypt . India. Afrika.ME TOO

its like since i was kid iwanted to go on planes and having vacation with famillies in Europe and digging those icy snow, BRRRRR , i ever want to buy jacket or coat for celebrating christmas .

now im all grown up , i have friends in Englad -Natalie , Sian , Daniel , Georgia , Sophie , Tia , Emily ,Billy , Darcy , Danielle

theyre cool , they Christian *maybe .
some of them did ask me to go to England to meet them , YES ABSOLUTELY , i really want to go there
but ya know as im living in modest life , i carnt afford to go there , i have to work hard to gain big money ,i hope you guys dont ditch me :( i really want to hug and hang out with you guys , YOU GUYS FIT! <3

after go thru in ENGLAND , i wanna go around Europe , i found really good place to snap a few picture , cause im really love my hobby as in photography.

Talking about Photography , i wanna have studios , i wanna have all the Appliances to shoot a model , or what ever i wanna shoot. i love these things

after vacation and things

i wanna buy my favourite brand Hermes Birkin, and Marc J , and Christian Louboutin and dresses from branded thingy . I love em so much , i hope my wish come true , and the fact that life is meaningful with or without them , i still have my family aside.

I wanna buy car :) i wanna eat pretty much , i wanna hang out with girl

i wanna work as a graphic designer, or a photographer , so much to do

enough for now , Back Ache , T.T

Regards ,

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