Sunday, 13 February 2011


okay hari Vday , as you all know , muslims are not allowed to celebrate this day :) because its not ours pun , and tomorrow is MAULIDURRASUL, so sambut la hari esok nye . okay for my oppinion on vday , today is the day where youngster lost their virginity , please ... is this the day which is the men /boys getting orgasm? oh puhlease !I think its like everyday you guys getting orgasm by watching porn ? So padaharini lah , banyak hotel dah fully booked since yesterday 13 feb.By midnight they having sex ,imagine the billion of sins cover up the earth,its not just our siner muslim who break the rules not to ZINA-ing italso contain other non muslims sins ,imagine , how can this earth can carry our sin , only on this VDAY ?and since yesterday , how many shcool girls , teenagers and women lost their virginity and having their vagina been touched by the boys and mens?HOW MANY OF THEM? YOU ! maybe not on this VDAY if you lost your faith maybe your turn on the next year VDAY.Theres Mungkar dan Nakir on your shoulder, write things youve done.YOU PEOPLE DONT ASK US WHERES THE OTHER VIRGINS ! Allah give us nikmat , to use it wise not thrash it wise honey.Malay shouldnt bother about this day, Malay shouldnt be adviced about this Vday , perhaps they know.ANAK BANGSA KU RUNTUH KERANA VDAY.Muslims , dont celebrate this day , its not worth it okay , im saying this not because of im single or no date , hello i can date with my cat rather than having a boyfriend-love-to-rape. Urgh kinda suck okay . If your anniversary fall on this date , well congrats :) but please celebrate with wisely , not too much , setakat having dinner at restaurant also letopppps tau!And yeah , Vday is no good , tambahan lagi , i see couples are having their 'Vday' Every day what , wearing the same color tshirt , having a bunches of flower for their gf , give out choclate and lots more , puhlease not only this day you should celebrate it kay , be wise MALAYSIAN or we could fall down on our country

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