Saturday, 14 May 2011


ASSALAMUALAIKUM AND GOOD DAY! yes today i would liike to be the most polite to throw my own words to you , well me and my prejudice says that people whole live on earth , people who in this new era , people WHO WE CALL HUMAN is materialistic? glad to hear that btw,i just throw my life in rich and famous but im not so saying this because ,people would absolutely come to us just having fun with our property and bad intention.well sometimes i feel it too.and i think it is bad.well for some reason , people would just dont care about it, and it can happen in our friendship relationship and so much more.people who exactly got to much money will make them famous , i bet you , because theyre too hot , too gorgeous and too kinky!and people who are rich is actually the trend slave , they look cool with new gadget , they look cool because they spend money on branded labels and they eat good stuff :). PEOPLE who is materialistic sometimes just want a pice of it , so they are so kolot to go for this rich and famous. well beign a friend for bad intention is reall karma to you :)

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