Saturday, 14 May 2011

There's a girl WHO DESERVE THIS

Honestly , i DONT like her at all , DONT , a BIG NO for her ! she's just an ordinary girl , who lives somewhere in Malaysia , OH MI LOVE , I LOVE MY COUNTRY even it is small .BUT this girl is really irretating me! i just dont knw where the hell my friend KNOW HER and making that ya know angkat-angkat. EUWWWWWWW! puhlease , she's even have 3 fb account? WHAT THE HACK , she's even said that "aku tau aku cantik and ramai jantan kejar kan aku ,tapi aku tk ready , aku suke jadi single " and apa jadah lancau -.- lepastuh stalk facebook orang? and still cant get over your ex boyfie eventho you have "boyfriend" you know what i mean "BOYFRIEND" and she's even create and FAN PAGE ACCOUNT FOR HERSELF???????????????????????????????????? alasan sbb tak dpt approve , man you better have some mind, ATLEAST BUKAN FAN PAGE???????????? i just dont understand, i think you can just approve those people , its just a reason fucker?! and post up your status on facebook just to ask people to like the status whether you have to cut your hair OR NOT???????????! people are blind , youre just a stupid bitch asking for an attention , COME ON BABE, kau ni mcm artis terbuang je , bapak geli dohhh? mcm mna member aku boleh terlekat dgn kau pun aku tak tau . DASAR PERASAN TAK HABIS HABIS. isap rokok sbb nak tunjuk cool? IT AINT COOL SISTAH.IT AINT COOL! and no wonder guys never have a long relationship with you , its just because yore asking for glamour.MY FRIEND just dont go after this girl okay , i really NOT RESTU IT THANKS.

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